Alison & Emily flashback in 4x11!

Paris will be a big part of the summer finale. 

We will find out of Ali is alive or not by the end of this season

Mike will have scenes in Mr.Hackett’s office!

Ezra will have scenes with Emily in 4x09

Officer Holbrook & his partner Linda spy on the girls in 4x04.

CeCe is in 4x12!

We won’t see Jason until 4B

The Halloween episode doesn’t take place on the actual Halloween date this year.

Spoby goes to Ravenswood in 4x06!

Shana will be in 4x06.

Ezra will meet Jake in 4x04

Spencer might have a new love interest fighting for her affection.

Wren is in 4x11

Hanna has scenes with Wren this season! 

We will find out who killed Wilden by the summer finale

Mr.Marin returns in 4x06

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