Dr. Sullivan är Red Coat?

- Den här teorin är skickad in av en läsare & är tyvärr på engelska. 

I’m still thinking that Dr. Sullivan is Red coat. If she is not Red Coat my beat is that she taught the A-team members how to perform hypnosis or performs hypnosis for the A-team Due to them black mailing her again. Also If Sullivan is not red coat then I think Red Coat is a male. I think it is too easy to believe that Red being Ali, the only way I could see it being her if her body winds up being in the trunk of Wilden’s car.

Reasons I believe Dr. Sullivan is Red Coat or linked to the seen with Hanna seeing Ali:


1 Mona has blackmailed her before and she has said before that Mona had threatened her and her son before and we never understood the meaning of Mona visit to Dr. Sullivan office with the plant gift and “thanking” her for her “help


red “cape” ;)

2 Dr. Sullivan has ties to Radley, She walked in with a red cape and when she walked out after interviewing spencer she walked very red coat like.

(in will the circle be unbroken she wearing blue in the scene and her strut last 6 screenshots and its just like red coats gait)

3 Dr. Sullivan may have used hypnosis or taught Mona how to use hypnosis because it could explain how the girls ended up outside of the burning building. This could be why Hanna saw Ali last time we saw Dr. Sullivan use hypnosis on Emily she saw Alison as well. Also if the girl suffered from smoke inhalation which caused them to be knocked out they would need medical attention. They would not have been able to walk out and chat with friends in the car about what just transpired. They would have been flooring it to the E.R for some Oxygen. Aria and Emily had no recollection of what happened which often happens in hypnosis. I also found it off putting that Mona was never shown unconscious. She is seen walking towards the liars and says that she was also saved by Ali. I do not see that being the case.

Reason I believe if Ali was indeed Red Coat then she would be the body in the back of Wilden’s Car:

1 I believe that the premise of PLL is the mystery surrounding Ali’s death. The show immerses us in the mystery of: Who is her killer? Who was stalking her? Is the same person who was after Ali also after the liars? To have the story have her being alive after the mystery and searching for clues and Answers to have her alive means that all the clues that we tried to piece together Episode names like it happened that night would seem meaningless. It would be disappointing to have the victim of the murder mystery series to be alive.

2 Since the writers said over and over they will deviate from the book and not use the twin theory then I don’t see any premise or reason for her being alive. (side not I would really be mad if they stuck with the book plot b/c I stayed away from the books during the first season but after I heard that they were not using the books I start reading them I’ll be so angry if the producers and writer lied to us).

3 So in order for Ali to be alive she has to die in like T-minus 1 sec, so It would, in my opinion, be plausible for her to be alive it would add to the mystery, Where was Ali all this time? Were the daydreams of her real or false? And of course who is stalking her in such a terrifying manner? And why? And if she is in Wilden’s car then the original questions would surface like who killed Ali?

Reason I believe that if Red coat is not Anne Sullivan or Ali, then it is a male:


PLL uses Hitchcock( Psycho) references in many of their episode, so the answer to who is red coat. Could be in reference to the Hitchcock classic.”

Vad jag tycker: Det låter sant men varför skulle Dr. Sullivan skada tjejerna? Hm..

- A

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